OA Transformation

DeutschCurrently, science-driven Open Access publishing infrastructures are under intense discussion. After the OA transformation of journals, which has been ongoing for years, the OA transformation of books is now in focus. Five experts in the field of institutional publication infrastructures have taken this opportunity to present a position paper on the OA transformation of books. The authors are active members of the AG Universitätsverlage.

Based on an inventory of institutional publication services, the paper identifies current fields of action and scope for action for research institutions in the field of non-commercial infrastructures for OA books:

Arning, Ursula, Bargheer, Margo, Meinecke, Isabella, Schobert, Dagmar, & Tobias, Regine. (2022). Open-Access-Transformation für Bücher: Die Rolle von institutionellen Verlagen und Publikationsdiensten.

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