AG Universitätsverlage (english)



The AG Universitätsverlage currently has 32 members who share the following common principles: Members are affiliated with a research institution, reflect the profile of their institution in their publishing program, implement Open Access and scholarly rights policies, take measures to ensure high scholarly and formal quality, do not pursue profit maximization, and work together in a transparent and collegial manner. To the membership criteria of the AG Universitätsverlage..


The scholarly publishers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy who are members of the AG Universitätsverlage publish around 1.000 new publications per year to high standards, well over half of which are Open Access (OA). The jointly developed “Quality Standards for Open Access Monographs and Edited Volumes” set standards for OA monographs that go beyond the description of the status quo. The quality criteria are aimed both at the members of the AG Universitätsverlage and at commercial book publishers whose OA publications are supported by public funds (OA monograph fund). They are hereby put up for public discussion.


In March 2018, the Association of European University Presses (AEUP) published positions on the importance of European university presses. These positions underline the important role of university presses and position them as important actors and partners in policy and research. The AG Universitätsverlage now presents a modified version of the positions formulated by the AEUP in German.